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If you want to explore Microsoft help & videos from one link, go to:

Microsoft HELP Home:


If you are trying to find a specific topic relating to Email, Calendar, SkyDrive or Microsoft Office try these:




Getting started with Outlook Web App: 



Outlook Live: User Interface Basics
Video only:

Outlook Live: Chat in Outlook Web App

Help and Video:

Video only:


Create a Message: 



Outlook Live: Search for an Item

Outlook Live: Search and Filter

Email Setup:


          Email setup help wizard: 



          Access your account using a MAC:



          Connected accounts Tab (including connecting to Gmail) 

          Help & video:

          Video only:  Outlook Live: Connecting to your Gmail Account



          Supported E-mail programs and Features: 



          How to Connect to your Account using a Web Browser:



          Connect Outlook to this Account: 



          Access Your Account Using IMAP or POP E-Mail Programs:

          Help and video:

          Video only:  Outlook Live: Setting Up Your Mobile Phone for POP3 or IMAP4


Outlook Live: Setting Up Your Mobile Phone for Exchange ActiveSync
Video only:

Set Up Microsoft Exchange E-Mail on an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch


Using Rules to Redirect Messages to Another Account
Help and Video:

Video only:

Note:  Forwarding your email is much easier.  See “Forwarding your email”:


Learn about Inbox Rules: 


Video only:  Inbox Rules Tab

Video only:  Rules

Working with Attachments:


Outlook Live: Automatic Replies Tab
Video only:

Outlook Live: Autoreplies and Email Signatures
video only:


Outlook Live: Conversation View
Video only:

Outlook Live: Email Groups
Video only:

Outlook Live: Categories and Tasks
Video only:



Outlook Live: Calendar Basics
Video only:


Microsoft Skydrive: Basics
Video only:

Microsoft Skydrive: Add Documents and Files
Video only:

Microsoft Skydrive: Share a Skydrive Folder
Video only:

Microsoft Office:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note


Microsoft Office Web Apps: Basics Part I
Video only:

Microsoft Office Web Apps: Basics Part II
Video only:

Microsoft Office Web Apps: Co-authoring
Video only:

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